How to bypass dm-verification in most of samsung phones.


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How to bypass dm-verification in most of samsung phones.

Post by .net on Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:26 am

i'm here to give you a nice trick to bypass dm-verification in samsung phones.

Before telling you how you can bypass this i would like to tell you reason of dm-verification and its side effect 

Dm-verification is kernel based protection in samsung to verify custom bins in phones ex : you flashed custom recovery to your device like CWM or TWRP so kernel detect it and stop phone from booting to normal and you get boot loop or stucked on logo.

Solution and process.

There is way to bypass dm-verification by editing kernel which is long process which custom kernel developers do to bypass,but there is such device too where you not find kernel or even on latest build box failed to repair DRK.

So solution is pretty simple and you need custom recovery and supersu 2.7.X yes supersu 2.7x is in beta state and have ability to patch kernel in most of devices,i know advance tech know this already but noobs not and they waste their time in looking for solution 

You can directly download super su from the author chainfire site :

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