Lyf LS-4503 Hang on logo done & flashing Procedure


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Lyf LS-4503 Hang on logo done & flashing Procedure Empty Lyf LS-4503 Hang on logo done & flashing Procedure

Post by .net on Fri Aug 26, 2016 4:33 pm

Lyf LS-4503 Hang on logo done & flashing Process...

Flash Process..

1.Download the QPST

2,VCOM driver: Download – Instal the VCOM Driver on your computer (still compatible with MT67xx phones)

3.Charge your phone to at least 70%

1 First of all, do all the PREREQUISITE STEPS and Now Open the Extracted QPST Folder

2 You will find two files with the name : Qualcomm_USB_Drivers_For_Windows.rar and QPST.WIN.2.7

3.Open the QPST Win folder and Install the QPST.exe file on your PC/Laptop

4.After Installation, Go to the Installed Location in the C Drive

5 Open the QPST Configuration

6.Now in the QPST Configuration, Click on Add new port -> Select the com port of your device -> and close it

7.Now Open the EMMC Software Downloader in the same folder located all the QPST Files

8.In EMMC Software Downloader, Check program boot loaders -> Browse for the device com port

9.Now Click Load XML Def and browse for rawprogram0.xml in folder ROM in EMMC Software Downloader (If you didn’t extract please extract the ROM and then browse the file rawprogram0.xml

10.Now tap on Load Patch def and browse for patch0.xml in folder ROM

11.Check the search path 2 and browse for the folder ROM

12.Now click download, wait for the download to finish (it never finish but it also detects for a new driver, and that’s important) and it will search for the new hardware found, install the driver

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