Emsisoft Antimalware and/or Norton Security?


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Emsisoft Antimalware and/or Norton Security? Empty Emsisoft Antimalware and/or Norton Security?

Post by kanishkamron on Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:59 pm

Hello all,

I have had Emsisoft Antimalware and Norton Security running side by side for a good few years now and when they were initially installed I communicated directly with Emsisoft who indicated that there were no known conflicts in using these on the same PC.
I had just had a dialogue box seemingly from Emsisoft indicating that there are possible conflicts between Norton and Emsisoft and advising removal of one of them.
In all the years running both I have not had any known conflicts.
Upon browsing I now find that there are conflicts between the two and I am surprised that after such a long time in use that I have only just been made aware of this.
Anyway, if there is a conflict between the two what are the views out there?

Thank you

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