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MOTO All-In-one Tool


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MOTO All-In-one Tool Empty MOTO All-In-one Tool

Post by .net on Mon Jun 27, 2016 5:46 pm

Supported Model:
1. Any Motorola device to Flash Stock ROM.

1. Windows OS
2. STOCK ROM For flashing.
3. for rooting.
4. Bootloader Key to unlock bootloader.
5. Stock Recovery for flashing.

1. GUI hangs if you press anything during flashing. So avoid touching anything once flash button pressed.{fixed in next update}
2. You tell

1. Flashing stock rom on any Motorola Device (Any model).
2. Root through
3. custom recovery.
4. Bootloader lock and unlock (Required bootloader key).
5. Flashing logo.bin to remove bootloader warning message.
6. sideload any zip/ROM.
7. Installing ADB & mfastboot driver.

Please don't add direct download link in your form@Xda or in your website. if you want to add in your thread then
First ask me for permission and after that mention me in your thread and instead of giving download link, direct them to this page for downloading.

Very Happy Very Happy Latest version 1.1a : download/1zzexcu61ckxaiq/
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