LG module update - NEW Firmware update added (online & local .KDZ file)



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LG module update - NEW Firmware update added (online & local .KDZ file)

Post by .net on Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:46 am

Dear ChimeraTool Users,

ChimeraTool LG module
Update: v 12.68.1627

Added SW Update & Repair function (more than 300 models):

  • V10, V20
  • G5, G4, G3, G2
  • K10, K8, K7, K4
  • ETC...

Added support for Firmware update from local .KDZ file (original LG format)

Added NEW Online Firmware Update feature:
This procedure lets you flash a firmware to the phone. It can be flashed in to modes: Update and Fix.

  • Update: will flash the minimum required partitions, and will try to keep the User-data intact, but still, backup is recommended.

  • Fix: will erase all User-data, but most likely will fix any error regarding partition tabled corruption or android system errors.


  • Improved ADB communication and connection.

More information about the LG functions here:

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