Redmi 1S All In One(Method for Fastboot,Mi Recovery,Updater)



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Redmi 1S All In One(Method for Fastboot,Mi Recovery,Updater)

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【Tutorials】how to flash/update your rom to newest version/Flash to older version/ReFlash
Basically update using updater app is more easier. I provide 2 more extra method(method 1&2) just for you in case you have any problem with your rom and you want to reflash or want flash back to old version. All these tutorials is based only in MIUI safe, clean and clear flashing method. If you are asking about cwm or twrp recovery matters, please ask in the correct respective thread.
Please check here for clear explaination about fastboot rom, recovery rom and global rom.

Method 1: Fastboot rom - Check here for explaination about fastboot by @marcus_keong
First, Download the fastboot rom at here

or you can download country fastboot rom in the local>specific country>changelog section inside the forum.
Make sure you download the right rom for your device.


Follow the step at here

please remember to check that the path that you paste in is correct and add semicolon ; at in front before you paste.
For 32 bit windows : C:\Program Files\Minimal ADB and Fastboot
For 64 bit windows : C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot

The last step before you double click bat files from pc, please see the detail below whether you want delete all data like the first time you get the phone (choose a) or only flash the update and keep the user data + internal storage(choose b).

a. flash_all.bat(This file should be used in Windows operating system. It will flash all the files, and wipe all userdata and all files in internal storage)

b. flash_all_except_data_storage.bat (This file should be used in Windows operating system. It will flash the updated files, and will not wipe user data and files in internal storage)

c. flash_all_except_storage.bat (This file should be used in Windows operating system. It will flash the updated files, wipe user data, but will not delete files in internal storage)


A reminder to those who first time install minimal adb driver to his/her computer.
When you copy and paste the path into (view photo below)
DO NOT DELETE the words before it. just put symbol ; and paste your path to it. If you delete the words before it, you might encounter the command wouldn't work when you press flash_all.bat

Method 2: Using Mi recovery to flash recovery rom
download the rom at here
1. go to the zip that you downladed
2.rename it to --->
3. plug in your phone to computer
4. copy the into your internal storage
5.unplug the usb from your phone
6.Enter Recovery hold power+vol up or go updater app and press menu button> reboot to recovery mode
7.Select [wipe & reset] → [YES]
8. (wipe cache,wipe user data)
9.back to main menu and select install to system → [YES]
10. wait until it finish install and reboot

Method 3: Update using updater - For more detail and clear about update using updater please refer to this thread the zip file from this thread
2. put the file inside internal storage>downloaded_rom
3. go to updater app and press menu button >select update package
4. find the zip file that you put inside internal storage>downloaded_rom
5. select that zip file and press update now.
6.wait until it reboot then you are ready to go.
1. When you receive the update, tap the new update that show in updater app.
2. It will prompt you to download the update.
Normally the update is about 11-50mb but better you download the full update to ensure that running well.
To download the full updates, when you are in updater app, press the menu button>view available updates.
You will find out that the files is larger(300 to 600mb) than you tap the new update to update directly.

To update to newer version, please download the zip according to your rom that you currently use whether it is china rom or global rom.

Credits to:
1. @gtiu (thanks for helping me check the Mi recovery step)
2. @KateZ (recovery and fastboot thread) 
3. @AilsaZ (country fastboot rom) 
4. @meredithhan (fastboot,recovery,global rom explaination)
5. @marcus_keong(detailed fastboot explaination)

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